Large Meadow
Writing On The City by Keywan Kerimi
Metaphorical Space
Internal Design by Sercan Apaydın
Everybody Hear Me Out by Çiçek Kahraman
Willing the Possible
Utilitarian efforts, non-utilitarian works
Psolo Exhibition by Vahit Tuna
My Name is Foreigner by Cana Bilir-Meier
1+1 Talks: Ezgi Bakçay & Erden Kosova
Kuşu by Vahap Avşar
Self-doubt a series of lecture-performances
Call me Venus by Ceylan Öztürk
Oliver Ressler
Theaster Gates With The Black Monks of Mississippi
Veritas by Şafak Gürboğa
Mutumut Yabankurt
1+1 Talks: Ali Akay & Emre Zeytinoğlu
Awaiting the onset of the sense of life by Pinar Ögrenci
...with all the changes that loomed far behind the
Along the Way by Ayça Köseogullari
The Un-founded
dimensional drawings by jelle clarisse
Utopia Collection by Luk Berghe
Reality Terror
Awareness Without Being Aware of It by Komet
Cyristal City
Return:Innocent Nostalgia
Spring Exhibition By Erim Bayrı